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Welcome to - We're Geeky, but never Preachy.

Looking for organic t-shirts? Ethical Tshirts? Fair trade T-shirts? Looking for all those things but would prefer to give the righteousness a wide birth? Well, you've come to the right place. We love organic t-shirts, and for all the right reasons. All the t-shirt designs on our site are printed on 100% organic cotton that are certified as "Fair Trade", and have not been produced in sweat shops. They're also pretty cool. Some are even funny. We hope you like them. Free delivery across all the UK and order before 3pm and we'll even despatch your T-shirt on that day.

Beard Lover T-shirt - Organic CottonLet's Hike It Out T-shirt - 100% Organic cottonFair Trade T-shirt, Pollocks to eating cod

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This Machine Kills Fatties - Organic T-shirtHug Me I'm Special - organic T-shirtDinosaurs are cool - organic t-shirt

Here's what we do...

The T-shirts we use at Earth Shirts are commited to Low Impact Farming

All the T-shirts you can purchase from Earth Shirts are organic, ethically made and manufactured using sustainable energy generated solely from wind and solar power. The producers of our T-shirts are chosen specifically to work in regions where organic cotton is planted as well as harvested by hand. As organic farming does not use petrol-based chemical fertilizers or pesticides it is far less dependent on fossil fuels.

We guaratee that no T-shirts offered for sale on Earth Shirts will contain cotton from Uzbekistan while forced child labour is endemic. All our T-shirt labels follow the recommendations of the Environmental Justice Foundation and clearly state the origin of any cotton used.

The T-shirts we print on at Earth Shirts are Carbon Neutral

The T shirts we use at Earth Shirts are made in “carbon neutral” manufacturing facilities in India using low-impact organic cotton and are distributed exclusively through carbon neutral warehouses and offices in London that run on green, renewable elecricity.

We use only 100% Organic T-Shirts here at Earth Shirts

The T-shirts we print on at Earth Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and are certified by The Soil Association and The Control Union. All tees are produced under the Global Organic Textile Standard. The printing materials used at Earth Shirts have been classified as “Environmentally inert” and we are confident therefore that they do not comprise the ethical credentials on the garments. Traditional screen-printing methods often use dangerous solvents; our printing methods are PVC free, PHTHALATE free and also lead and other heavy metals free to comply with EN71-3.

All T-shirts used at Earth Shirts are manufactured to the highest possible social, environmental and ethical standards.

Environmentally Friendly T-shirts

The main energy source for the production and manufacture of all our T-shirts is wind. Thirty huge wind turbines generate continuous renewable and environmentally friendly energy and electricity. The Oeko-Tex 100 standard is a textile guarantee to the safety of human health. All our T-shirts are certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, Class I.

One of the biggest drains on resources during the production of cotton is water, an incredible 20,000 litres can be used to create enough cotton to produce just one T-shirt and one pair of jeans. The T-shirts we use at Earth Shirts are produced from cotton where 95% of the water used is monsoon rain. Using monsoon rain reduces the need for enormous irrigation projects which can often take much-needed water away from local lakes and rivers and depriving local villages and communities.

Our T-shirts arrive from the suppliers in 100% recycled boxes and and are packaged in PVC-free packaging that is also biodegradable.

The T-shirts are transported with a "No Airfreight" policy and all the tees are transported by containerised ocean shipping. The T-shirts are made in a "sweat-shop" free environment and all the manufacturing facilities have been audited by the Fair Wear Foundation and have been licensed by the FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisation). The T-shirts are printed locally to our offices in London.

We recommend that you wash cool and help the environment.


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